Flint Prom Information

If you've landed on this page, you're likely curious about high school Prom in Flint. Prom is one of the most exciting events that happens in the entire High School experience. School dances are the time where everybody gets to strut their stuff and have a great time with all of their friends. Prom is especially important because it signifies the end of the high school career. There's a lot of careful planning and preparation that goes into prom! You might be surprised at all of the details that have to be taken care of before your son or daughter can have a good time, but it's important to take care of these aspects so your child can have positive memories about their high school experiences. After all, we all know how awful it is to deal with an unhappy teenager. Interrupt an important experience such as Prom and you're on your way to dealing with a real life Promzilla! Not only do you have to find the right dress or tuxedo, you also have to think about accessories, the date, hair and makeup, corsages, and pictures. With all of these things to obsess over when it comes to ensuring your prom experience is one to remember, you might be wondering how you're going to afford it all. However, you'll find that everything comes together perfectly in the end when you pay attention to detail. One of the most important aspects of your child's prom experience in Flint is how they're going to get there!

We've all heard horror stories about prom transportation gone wrong. Simply put, this is a time in a high-schoolers life where they're partying, sometimes without thinking first. The very last thing that you want is your precious cargo being towed by a high school driver who may or may not have had something to drink! This is why parents across the country are going with limousine and limo bus transportation for their son and daughters prom experience. Although many parents come to us with worries of how they'll be able to pay for this mode of transportation, you'll find that it works out to be an easy per-person rate when you split the cost evenly among passengers. Teenagers absolutely love our vehicles and all of the features that come with them. Our limousines and limo buses come with beverage enjoyment areas that have coolers, entertaining televisions with DVD inputs, fantastic sound systems with iPod/MP3 inputs for a personalized playlist, neon lighting throughout, hardwood flooring for dancing, dancing poles, and more. Our features are the best in the area and that's because we're an entertainment based transportation company who knows what you need to have a great time on the roads of Flint and beyond. Your son or daughter will think you're the absolute coolest parent in all of metro Detroit when you decide to rent a limousine or limo bus for their prom adventures. Call us now for a limousine or limo bus quote!