Limos Flint Our Prices

We base our prices on a number of factors here at Limos Flint. Most of the information we need from you regarding your transportation needs can all be answered within just a few simple questions. If you have the answer to the questions handy then that's perfect. It will only speed up our reservation specialists' ability to give you a quote. But don't worry! If you don't have the information that we need ahead of time, our specialists will be able to help you through e-mail or over the telephone.

In the event that you don't know the information, or you haven't browsed the rest of the site, we'll go ahead and give you the information that we need from you. This information is only to help us narrow down the types of of vehicles that fit your needs. After all, if you need a large party bus or limo then there's no good reason to offer you a quote for something too big or too small. It is wasting your time and our reservation specialists do not want to waste your valuable time.

The first bit of information that we need from you is the time that you'd like to be picked up and dropped off. If your pick up is in the day time then generally your quote will be a little bit more affordable, so if it's possible to move the time of your function, that's one great way to save money.

The second piece of information that we need is how many people you need to transport. This allows is to single out a vehicle or two in order to offer quotes. It's during this time that you can give us your preference of party bus or limousine. We'll do our best to suit your needs but we cannot accommodate them in all needs.

Lastly, we need to know your pick up and drop off location and a rough itinerary. Don't worry, you will not be held to the schedule you give us. It just helps us inform your driver what you're thinking about doing so he or she can be better prepared. That's it. After we have that information, we'll be able to provide you with a quote in which you can use to book service with us or to shop around.